Change the way your money wakes up

Houseboats as an Investment

Its never been a better time to be apart of the Australian Tourism industry. Investing in a houseboat provides a flexible and unique opportunity. 

How it works

  1. We match you to an existing houseboat operator,
  2. You purchase the vessel,
  3. The existing operator manages the day to day,
  4. You can book the boat any time you like,
  5. The operator takes a percentage of each booking to run and manage the vessel,

Houseboats are a unique investment opportunity

The benefits are simple:

  • Hassle free investment where the existing operator takes care of day to day operations.
  • Build any type or size vessel you want.
  • Locations from Queensland to Tasmania.
  • Strong returns over the long term. 25 year + life span
  • Fully depictable. Refits to create future offsets and maintain asset value.
  • Use your investment any time you want.
  • Your investment pays for your holidays every year!

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