Love your new get away.

We exist to create an escape that our clients love. Sometimes its a place to get away, sometimes a place to share with family and friends, a place to entertain or even a place to live. Regardless of your reason, every time you step aboard you will be transported to a place you can relax and enjoy life's most important things; water, time and each other. 

Sustainable Eco houseboats.

Select from either the 16m or 22m Eco House Boat, ready to launch. Design your own boat based on one of our designs or other certified designs. 

Your own design

We can design something together or build any certified design.

Whats different about our ECO boats?

Our boats have 3 unique features that make them different;

  1. Our boats are transportable. Our boats can be easily separated in to three parts to be sent by normal road transport and reassembled on a different waterway.  
  2. Sustainable - Our boats can be optioned to use 100% renewable energy and be 100% self sufficient. 
  3. Built to a Commercial Standard - our boats are built to a commercial standard, they can be placed in Survey and operated as business.  

Contact us

Phone: 1300 998 870

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