Can Platypus House Boats ....?

We get asked lots of questions about house boats, please feel free to make an appointment to chat to one of our team who can answer all your questions. 

Question's Everyone Asks..

Can I select the colours and finishes on the boat?

Yes, we have a range of standard finishes to select from. You can upgrade to any finish or material  that meets our design standards.

Can I live on my house boat?

On the east coast of Australia most states do not allow you to reside on a boat. However, many thousands of people do. There are lots of loop holes and some people just do it. Many marinas like having people live on boats on the marina as it improves safety for everyone.  

Can I rent my houseboat out?
Yes. However, the vessel must be built to the National Commercial Vessel Standard (NSCV) and be registered with AMSA in 4E or 4D Survey. Even if you get paid in fish. 

What License do you need to drive a houseboat? 
If under 10knts NONE! - Over 10knts a recreational boat license. If you rent the houseboat out it MUST be registered in Survey. People renting the boat out don't need a license if under 10knts. If you drive with paying passages on board you need a commercial license. 

Do I need council permission to rent out my houseboat?
The short answer is no. The more complex answer is it depends on how your operation impacts things like local parking and jetty access etc.

Do you have boats in stock?
No, each boat is custom built to each customers needs.

Can your boats be transported?
Yes, our boats, even the big ones can be road transported. Boats over 5.5m wide are built in a way that allows them to be transported in sections and assembled anywhere. 

Need more answers?

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Work Boats & Tenders

Our sister company Seatamer Marine builds a range of other vessels to support your houseboat.